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Frequently Asked Questions
How do I register?
Online Registration:  You can self-register for classes 24/7 by visiting and clicking on Register Now.  Click Sign In on left menu bar.  If this is your first time registering on this site, click Create New Profile and build your own account.  Next, click Browse and click All Classes on the left menu bar to browse through our online catalog.  When you find a class or classes you want to take, add it to your shopping cart, when all classes are in the shopping cart you can complete your registration via our secure website.  How do I use this site?

By Phone:  Call our office at: 559-327-2876.  Be sure to have your credit card ready.

By Mail:  Mail your completed Registration Form with check or money order to:  Clovis Adult Education, Community Education, 1452 David E. Cook Way G1, Clovis, CA 93611.  Please make checks out to C.U.S.D.

In Person:  You may register in person at our office at: Clovis Adult Education, Community Education, 1452 David E. Cook Way G1, Clovis, CA 93611.  Please make checks out to C.U.S.D.
How will I know if I got into a class? 
When you self-register, after completing your credit card payment, you are registered and will receive a class confirmation and transaction receipt via email. 
If you register by phone or mail and you include an email address, you will receive an email confirmation and transaction receipt once your registration is processed.  If you do not provide an email address, we do not send a confirmation by mail.  You can confirm your registration by calling 559-327-2876. 

What are your refund policies? 
Standard Refund Policy
For student initiated cancellations before a class begins a credit voucher will be issued for the full tuition amount paid.  For student initiated cancellations after a class begins a credit voucher minus a processing fee will be issued.
For Community Education initiated cancellations a refund for the full tuition amount paid will be processed unless student requests a credit voucher. 
Non-Refundable Classes
Five or more days prior to the class start date if a student initiates a transfer to the same course on a new date an applicable transfer processing fee will be due prior to enrollment.  Within five days of the class start date there are no transfers and no refunds on non-refundable classes.  For Community Education initiated cancellations a full tuition amount refund will be processed.
Summer Fun
We have a NO REFUND policy and a NO TRANSFER policy.  Please choose your classes carefully.  If a class is cancelled by Summer Fun a full refund for the entire class fee will be processed.  If there is unforeseen circumstances and a transfer is necessary, upon approval from the director a transfer fee of $25 per class will be required.
When is a course cancelled? 
In most cases we require at least 6 students for a class to run.  Classes are usually not cancelled until after the first meeting because we have students that register for class on the first meeting.  If we have to cancel a class before the first meeting you will be contacted.  If a class is cancelled by Clovis Community Education a refund of the class tuition will be issued.  Clovis Community Education makes every effort to maintain the schedule of courses as announced in our catalog.  However, we reserve the right to cancel courses, change instructors, switch rooms, and combine classes when necessary without previous notice.  Clovis Community Education is not bound by printing errors in our publication.

How do I use this website?
Browse our catalog online:  click courses from the left menu bar.  Peruse by content area or search by keywords in the class name or description.  Full class descriptions can be found by clicking the class name.
Sign In:  If you are new to our site, you must create a new student profile.  Creating a profile provides you with your own personal, password-protected account.  Having an account will allow you to register online and track your class registrations.  Click Login/Create account from the top left menu bar and follow the prompts.
When building your profile, items marked with a red asterisk are required.  You will receive a copy of your username and password via email for future reference.
Once you create your student profile (and on subsequent visits after you sign in), you will see menu options that allow you to edit your profile, check your current registrations, and view your transactions.
Register Online:  Browse through the catalog, when you find a class you are interested in, click the add to cart button, continue shopping and when you are finished, from the shopping cart, click ‘check out.’  Read and agree to the class refund policy, and click check out again.  Complete your registration on our secure site with your credit card.  You can print your transaction receipt and class confirmation for your records.  In addition, you will receive a class confirmation and transaction receipt via email.

How do I print a receipt? 
To print a receipt for any classes, just sign in and select ‘My Transactions’ from the left menu bar and locate the class.  Under Action select Print View and print your receipt.

How do I update my profile? 
You may edit or update your student profile at any time.  After signing in, access the link entitled My Profile to change any of the information.  Click Edit at the bottom of the page.  You may then edit any of the profile fields.  When you are finished, scroll to the bottom of the page and click Submit.

What are your policies for payment of fees? 
When you self-register payment is by credit card only; we accept:  MasterCard or Visa.  We do accept payment by cash, check or money order however, this requires you to mail in your registration, or come to our office at:  Clovis Adult Education, Community Education, 1452 David E. Cook Way G1, Clovis, CA 93611.  Please make checks out to C.U.S.D.  If your registration is paid by your employer please contact us at: 559-327-2876.

Can I purchase gift certificates for classes? 
Electronic Gift Cards are available for purchase online for any dollar amount that can be applied to a class of the recipient’s choice.

I still have questions. 
Please call us at:  559-327-2876 and we will be happy to help!