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Summer Fun!

Summer Fun is a fantastic way for your kids to spend the summer! We offer a variety of classes like adventure, arts, crafts, computer, cooking, foreign language, math, music, drama, reading, writing, science, sports, dance, and much more! 

Dear Summer Fun Parents and Students,

Clovis Unified School District has taken every precaution to make sure our students and employees are safe.  They have also been very careful about making any decisions too quickly regarding all of our programs.
This gives us hope!  We want more than anything to provide a fun summer for the kids in our community!  It’s our mission! With that in mind, our administration has planned to have a shortened version of Summer Fun from July 1st to July 16th. 
We are living in ever changing times and so it is possible that Summer Fun will be cancelled altogether.  But we have hope that we can at least have a shortened version of Summer Fun.  We thank you so much for all of your patience and understanding.  Here is a timeline of events:
June 15th—Our District will make a decision about whether or not Summer Fun will take place.  On this date, we will communicate on our website the final decision.
We hope it’s a go!  If it is:
June 17th—This is the day registration for Summer Fun will begin.

July 1st—July 16th—Dates of Summer Fun!

We appreciate all of our Summer Fun families.  Now, take a look at all of these fun classes that we have planned and pick out your schedule of fun!!
Clovis Community Education Staff
Kelly, Mary, Amy and Ruby
Update 5/28/20: The following classes have been cancelled:
Tuesday/Thursday Ceramic classes by Rosas
All Beginning Guitar classes 

Super Summer Fun 2020
Kastner Intermediate
Monday - Thursday
July 1 - July 16

 For more information please call 559-327-2880.