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Summer Fun!

Summer Fun 2024
Century Elementary
June 17-July 18
Monday - Thursday 8:00am-12:10pm

For questions please call 559-327-2880.


Dear Summer Fun Parents,

We are very excited to start our summer with your kids! Your child’s safety is our top priority.  Please read the following:


The Drop Off Zone is along Sunnyside Ave. in front of the school.  You can drop off starting at 7:45am.  Wait in your car.  An employee with a blue Summer Fun shirt will pick up your child from the car and walk him or her to class.  

Changing Classes

If your child has more than one class he or she will receive a badge with a schedule in the first class and an employee will take him or her to the next class.


This is the Century parking lot off of Sunnyside.  We ask the parents to line up in their cars and wait for the kids.  All kids will be brought to this area after class.  We realize the line looks really long and can extend down Sunnyside.  Please know that once class is over the line goes very quickly.  It takes about 10 minutes for all of the kids to be picked up. We ask that you continue to pull forward and we appreciate your patience!! Stay in your vehicle in the pick up line.  If you wish to park, pull into a parking space and do not block the pick up line.

For safety reasons we will only allow kids to be picked up in the Pick Up Zone.

PreK Students

If you have a child in the PreK class you will drop off /pick up and sign in and out in the classroom.  You can turn onto El Paso to park to drop off and pick up your PreK student.

Late Fee

If you are late picking up your child we charge a late fee.  You will be required to pick up your child in the office and pay the late fee.


Your child can bring snacks to Summer Fun.  Every class will have a scheduled break time where they can eat their snack.

Days Off

There is no Summer Fun on Wednesday, June 19th or Thursday, July 4th.

Fun Weeks

Week 2 - Disney Week - dress as your favorite pirate, princess or character!

Week 3 - Patriotic Week - Show your spirit with red, white and blue!

Week 4 - Crazy Week - Crazy hair, crazy socks…we don’t care…just be crazy!

Week 5 - Super Hero Week - Dust of your capes and show us your favorite super hero!


Medications/health concerns/allergies - please stop by our office in room 1 to connect with Debbie our health aide.  

Our Staff

Our staff is awesome! We have amazing teachers, aides and office staff!! Please come into our office to meet us! The Summer Fun Office is Room 1 at Century.

Shanna Tovar -Summer Fun Principal

Melissa Mendez -Office Staffer

Amy Ladd - Office Manager

Debbie Juarez - Health Assistant

Kelly Peterson - Community Education Coordinator

We appreciate you so much and are happy to have your kids take our FUN classes this summer!